Thursday, September 11, 2008

My week in a nutshell...

Monday- I did a round of bricks 5 miles bike, 1 mile run, etc... I ended up doing 20 miles on bike, 3 mile run with 10 minute cooldown

Tuesday- Elliptical 30 min. Weight training 45 min

Wednesday- Elliptical 20 min. Spin Class 45 min. In the afternoon headed out for a 30 mile bike ride on the Silver Comet. I fell 2xs trying to clip out of my shoes. I know that I looked so silly, like a weeble I wobbled and I fell down. Very sore today

Thursday- Elliptical 10 min. Weight training 45 min.

School is great. I have 13 adorable pre-k children. We are learning about our Community Helpers. My husband came by in his Waste truck to show the kids how it worked. They are so excited, some cried, others jumped for joy.

I hope all of you have had a great week.
Keep training. Keep dreaming.

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Wes said...

I fell 2xs trying to clip out

We've all been there. Never surrender!!