Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Look what I got!!!!

SHIMANO Bike shoes!!!! WooHoo!

I woke up Saturday morning for a 40 mile bike ride on the Silver Comet with a friend. I parked at the Silver Comet Depot and after the ride I decided to take "Sally" (my bike) in for some love and they were having a SALE. A BIG sale. These shoes were 100.00 with 75% off.
$25.60 with tax

I have never ridden with bike shoes so this will be an experience. I will keep you updated.


Kevin said...

Nice looking shoes. What a deal you got!!

Wes said...

That is a sweet deal! Purty, purty!!

Spider63 said...

That's a great deal on those super-expensive (and over-priced shoes). The only bad thing about having those things with the clamps on the bottom is that you have to get used to them or if you need to get off the bike quickly it will be hard on your knees.