Tuesday, August 26, 2008


My posts have been few and far between. I am still working out and training daily, but both of my parents have cancer. The most urgent need that I am helping with is my dad, he is battling lung cancer.
As a little girl, he was the strongest man that I knew- totally different from today as I watched him desperately trying to take a breath.

I cried most of the day.

Cancer sucks.

I am so glad that there are people out there raising money to help find a cure.

Down 3 more pounds!!!


Wes said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you chica! Awesome on shedding more poundage :-)

Tri-ing with Twins said...

My prayers are going to you and your family. Stay strong for them and for yourself.

Good luck Monday (if you are still going to be out there). I'll be out there with you!


Jennifer Harrison said...

OH NO! I am soooo sorry to hear this. I share this in hopes it helps you too: My dad was dx with Lung cancer a few years ago. It was awful. He was soooo sick. And, they removed part of his lungs and he fought and fought and you know what? He is in remission from that now...and is virtually cured. AN amazing story for a lung cancer patient, but one that is GOOD and worth sharing! Hugs to you, Jen H.